Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Art Walk Adventure

It was a very interesting weekend during the art walk on Whyte Avenue. I had a very good spot right in the heart of the avenue. For those of you who don't know, Whyte Avenue is the 'funky' street of the city. A lot of older buildings, a huge variety of shops and great places to eat and drink. It being so close to where I live makes a big difference to me, as I don't drive and can easily get there by walking or a short bus or LRT ride away.

The first day started with having a lot of last minute things to take care of. My husband was so very helpful and I couldn't have done as good a job without him. He made my display and also picked up various important items for me, like my prints and the containers for them. We were in a bit of a panic mode those last two days before the art walk, but thankfully, everything came together in time.

My husband was with me at the art walk for the majority of the time. This is very helpful if you need bathroom breaks, for instance!! :) We were very close to a coffee shop, as well...and my husband really liked that! This picture shows my first set up, and I say first because it changed each day.

During the first day we met so many interesting people. Some from as far away as Africa! I find that a lot of people who are from other countries are much more open to my type of art. Most of them know what a Chakra is, and that's very nice for me! I did have explanations written down for people who where not familiar with it.

I must admit, I do enjoy having a compliment or two about my paintings. It was very satisfying, especially since, as an artist, you don't get a lot of feedback when you are painting by yourself in your studio! I had some very lovely people say some very nice things to me and it made my day!!

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