Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally back at it

I honestly did think I was going to be on this blog a lot more...really! Life has a way of taking over, though.

I had a painting class yesterday and it was a much better experience for me than last week. I think I was just overwhelmed last week. (The extremely sensitive and introverted me was in full force!!). Thankfully, the more extroverted me came out to play yesterday. I had a lot of fun doing a very interesting assignment. The teacher, Gillian, had us all do a painting from a coloured slide she had projected up on the wall. She made sure the image was very blurry and that made this very interesting and challenging! She also dimmed the lights, so it was actually pretty difficult to see your colours of paint! This was all part of the exercise. It was to 'free' us and force us to not think too much about the subject matter, but more think about shapes and colours. Anyway, I was pretty much thinking that this was a tree in a garden, but as she sharpened the focus more and more, it became evident! The picture was actually sideways, and it was of a boat! lol I found that very clever...and actually, our paintings DID look like a boat! :)

After that we put up our assignments from the week before. These were 16 x 20 paintings of complimentary colours. Red/green, blue/orange, and violet/yellow. I have posted them at the top. I was happy that my teacher liked what I did, and she gave valuable insight as to how to improve it.