Monday, May 17, 2010

A Crazy Busy Time

Sometimes I am not even sure why I have this blog. I do enjoy it, but find I forget about it from time to time! lol Anyway, it's been really hectic lately hence there have been no additions to my works of art. We moved at the end of April and are enjoying our new home. We also have a daughter getting married in early June, in B.C., so that is a huge deal for us. I wish I had more time to paint! I am also rethinking things as I am frustrated by the fact that I have been working very hard over the years at this 'hobby'...and as yet really don't have a lot to show for it. Yes, I do have many works of art, but not sure if I am the right personality type to just keep at it for very little except for my own personal satisfaction. I think I do need feedback and sales. I am going to be mulling this over for the next week or so and see what I can come up with. No one ever said that being an artist was easy. It's got to be for the love of it, because it's very difficult to get to that point where you are successful financially. I don't really know how I would go about doing that. Since I am very much the introvert, it's so difficult to sell myself or anything else, for that matter. Anyway, more about this later on.