Monday, May 18, 2009

Chakra Paintings

I am going to be in the Whyte Avenue Art Walk that is in July in my home town of Edmonton. I wrote out an artist statement and will include that here. I am painting Chakras, Mandalas and the like for the Art Walk. Here are the descriptions:

Chakras: The chakras are spiritual and psychic energy centers in the human body, visualized as wheels or lotuses. They play a large role in gaining spiritual awareness and in physical and mental health.

Mandalas: The mandala represents the process of assimilating important elements in life that are often still unconscious although almost at the surface of the awareness. The mandala is an expression of the microcosm that plays itself out inside a person. It discloses itself in shapes, symbols, and colours, and in their combined context. The mandala works like a focal point, like a lens that is focused on what is inside, reflecting whatever is playing itself out in the psyche at a certain point. In doing so, the mandala is a reflection of the soul.

My artist statement: Along with acrylic paints, I incorporate textural imperfections as a metaphor to honor the beauty in the scars of our lives. My style is based on symbolism and is expressed through abstract and figurative compositions. At the moment my work is focusing on emotional healing and spirituality.

Will close off this post and will next upload the first of the series: "Root Chakra".

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